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released December 21, 2009


all rights reserved



Hæthen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Wanderer, Op. V
Speaketh thy name
And show the path
To where I first fled from the thirst of grievance
When the language of the ancients forever present, awakened the thought of man
That which was perceived, a mere glimpse into a reality of the conceived.

Where darkness lingers over the elder crests of mountains
Who glare upon a land deprived of all the certain shades of existence
A sonorous wind of deepest melancholy sweeps over the furrows of these jagged stone faces
Centuries old

I seek the shelter, a bough of winter evergreen, to shroud wisdom forgotten by the depraved.
I watch the night fall like a cloak over winter lands unknown.
I will conquer the utmost peaks and bring question to the sun standing on the horizon.

This realm of temporal beauty will birth the sky ablaze
As eternal depths devourer these peaks of old
and expose the cold barren plain of consciousness.
It is only through death that one shall plant the seeds of existence
within the fertility of cosmic soil.
It is here, subjected to the confines of a self-proclaimed reality, I shall lay my body to the soil. An immortal in the endless continuum of nothingness, I create the gates to oblivion.

Your kingdom has fallen
to the age where the seas overflow with grievance
and over untrodden earth you shall forever ride
For he who has naught lived shall never find death.
Track Name: The Light Bereaved, Op. VII
It was the sun, that first questioned all of life’s futility
and as her rays fell onto the frost covered land,
roots of forthcoming existence awakened solemnly.
For it now seems, that all living has come from me.

The ubiquity of ancient woods
with limbs prolonged
beckoned to be the sanctuary of the sky.

And it is in these moments that I am one with her eternal majesty.
Mighty oaks transcend this past stoic yet bereaved
and await the winter of depravity.

Where mountains overshadow the land
allusions to the once most ancient
Of eldest stone, a furrowed face of god.
The eternal essence of forbearance.

May this forest forever bring misanthropy from those of feeble minds
And may the darkness forever grant sanctuary from the forlorn kind
Track Name: Hearken the Breath of Solstice Calling, Op. VI
He who has casteth not a shadow
but glares into the radiance of his own creation
shall never again harbor the weight of man’s desire
but set flame to a wretched yearning heart

Under the aged crown of northern shade trees
solitude births the calling
of primordial heathen existence.
The pain that liberates thy spirit will leave
anew the mountains, the water, of heritage,
exalted to be.

On this foundation of deadened matter
which covers the lowest depths of canopy forest
An approaching dawn flows onto fallen amber foliage
And awakens the mind like a glimmering star starved of light.

All hearken the breath of solstice calling.

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