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Taking the Auspices

from by Hæthen



A contrition of soul has torn these fell spread wings asunder.
Through boundless abyss befallen grace by lituus
An aureole horizon of corporeal disillusion.
And with burning in my eyes
The sunlight reflects
But brings melt to the tears they were as snowfall
Within a refraction of myself.

Traversing a time
Where the spirit remains
And acts as the vessel to declare one’s reason
Of falsifying reign.

Behold an auspice of grave uncertainty.

Seeking the eyrie through the darkened dismal sky
The umbrageous strix stretched out his wings and arose.

Aloft a memory where the twilight fell as a distant spell
Cast upon the grove
Of ancient woods buried
And bearded nether hoar frost.

Of ghastly wings a congruous illusion
Is carried by fell wind gale
To where the soul moults its earthly plumage.


from Shaped By Aeolian Winds, released February 7, 2015



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Hæthen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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